Turbo-Expander Facilities

For projects with gas conditions that require liquids removal and fractionation – Equinox Engineering has world class expertise – specifically regarding deep cut turbo-expander facilities.

Equinox has significant experience with NGL processing recovery and fractionation of ethane, propane, butane and condensate from both NGL and natural gas streams.

Many of our processing projects include condensate stabilization, turbo-expander processes for increased C2+ recovery, propane refrigeration processes for C3+ recovery, liquid fractionation trains as well as condensate, NGL and LPG storage.

We have extensive experience with fractionation tower design and installation, including; de-methanizers, de-ethanizers, de-butanizers and de-propanizers.

Our experience with hydrocarbon liquids storage includes pressurized bullet and pipe storage for NGL’s and LPG’s as well as large atmospheric condensate storage tanks.

Let Equinox know your specific gas conditions and we will deliver an excellent project.