Reach Zero Emissions

Equinox has world-class expertise in reducing carbon emissions from gas processing, power generation and industrial facilities through carbon capture. Carbon capture typically involves the removal and purification of CO2 from the industrial producer, followed by a dehydration and compression stage to allow for transport of dense phase CO2, for sequestration, enhanced oil recovery or beneficial use.

The 4 Stages of CCS

1. Carbon Capture

There are several technologies available to capture CO2 (as well as other contaminants such as H2S, mercaptans, nitrogen, mercury, water, etc.) from combined gas streams, including amine sweetening, membrane, pressure swing adsorption.

2. Compression and Dehydration

Post carbon capture, the gas stream (often referred to as acid gas) will have very high percentages of CO2 (and H2S in certain natural gas processing applications). There are multiple solutions to achieve given dehydration specification to avoid the significant corrosion risk inherent to acid gas. Regarding compression – the appropriate technology, driver, sizing and configuration for the application must be evaluated.

3. Transportation

Distribution of dense phase or gas phase CO2 requires consideration of numerous factors for the pipeline system regarding throughput, pipeline diameter, pressure as well as water content monitoring, material selection, metallurgy, corrosion mitigation.

4. Sequestration / EOR

CO2 sequestration, Acid Gas Injection (AGI), Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and the design and specification of pipeline, wellhead equipment and downhole tubing / casing system are key topics.

Beneficial Uses

There are many industrial applications for captured CO2 in the chemical industry (urea, fertilizer production), as well as applications as for fire suppression and numerous manufacturing applications. Beverage carbonation and other food-grade uses as a refrigerant are also common beneficial uses.

Equinox is a leader in Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage and related Hydrogen and Power projects in the energy and industrial sectors.