Laprise Creek Condensate Terminal and Pipeline

Equinox successfully executed the FEED and detailed engineering for the Laprise Creek  Truck Loading Terminal and Condensate Pipeline. The project included a brownfield plant expansion, 30mi (49 km) x 6” condensate pipeline, and a greenfield condensate terminal and truck loading facility. 

The brownfield facility expansion at the existing Northern British Columbia gas plant included the addition of charge pumps, transfer pumps and LACT unit for design rate of 6,000 bpd of condensate.

The pipeline project scope included the route selection and design of a 6” x 30 mi (49 km) condensate pipeline designed for 34,000 bpd of C5+ condensate with future tie-in riser sites and future booster pump locations, through challenging terrain.

The greenfield tank terminal (to transfer condensate from the pipeline to trucks) was designed for 6,000 bpd (expandable to 18,000 bpd). The terminal includes four x 3,000 bbl condensate tanks, with three truck loading stations.