Energy Transition

As the world targets net-zero emissions, the global energy mix of natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, hydro and renewables continues to evolve to include new and emerging forms of energy. The role of Equinox is to work with our clients to navigate the balance between traditional sources with emerging energy sources – and to evaluate and design new hybrid solutions.

Emission Reduction & Decarbonization Planning

Equinox provides Emission Reduction evaluations and programs for our worldwide clients to reduce emissions from their existing operations. Within the design of new hydrocarbon facilities and pipeline infrastructure, Equinox provides a zero-emission standard, utilizing the most current technologies within processing equipment. Our program includes comprehensive reviews of facility emission categories such as direct venting, relief flaring, continuous flaring, fuel usage and electrification, compressor drivers, fired equipment, power generation, liquids storage to target emission reduction and decarbonization.

Carbon Capture

Equinox has leading edge expertise in designing and integrating Carbon Capture facilities within large brownfield processing facilities – including natural gas treating, conventional and heavy oil production, power generation, refineries and upgraders. Carbon capture typically involves the removal and purification of CO2 from the industrial producer, followed by a dehydration and compression stage to allow for transport of dense phase CO2, for sequestration, enhanced oil recovery or beneficial use.

Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol

The role of hydrogen in the global energy portfolio will continue to grow. It continues to be considered one of the fastest growing clean energy technologies. Natural gas will remain integrated within hydrogen production and a key component of this emerging market. 

Equinox provides expertise for hydrogen production and transportation across the rainbow of green, blue, grey, brown hydrogens based on the feedstock. Production of ammonia, methanol and derivatives in conjunction with hydrogen will continue to grow.

Renewables - Wind, Solar, Energy Storage

Renewable energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal & biomass as well as enhanced energy storage continue to grow in the integrated energy model. Equinox provides expertise in these key areas as hybrid and supplemental energy sources for new and existing operations.

The role of Equinox is to work with our clients to navigate the balance between traditional sources with emerging energy sources.