Conventional Oil

Equinox has extensive experience with conventional and heavy oil production projects including wellsites (single or multiple well pads) pipeline gathering system, satellite gathering points ultimately transported to main battery processing sites. Equinox expertise in conventional and heavy oil production includes (but is not limited to):

  • Wellsite oil / water / gas / solids separation
  • Gathering systems
  • Oil Satellite and Battery design
  • Inlet manifold / test separator
  • Free Water Knock Out (FWKO)
  • Emulsion Treaters
  • Crude Stabilization
  • Multiphase metering
  • Water Injection Facilities
  • Water Treatment
  • Storage Facilities
  • LACT Units
  • Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU)
  • Pipeline and Pump Station facilities
  • Facility Modification, Optimization & Consolidation
  • Desanding & Sand Disposal

Blue Rapids Oil Battery

This EPCM project, includes a new 2,600 bpd inlet emulsion Oil Battery with expansion design to 5,200 bpd, 95% oil cut, 41° API oil with associated field produced sweet solution gas. The scope includes the engineering design, earthworks design and modelling, procurement and construction support for the Battery, and provisions for future water injection pump and 3rd party emulsion truck-in loading station. Equinox also designed and constructed 18 wellpads (with 1 to 4 oil wells per pad) to feed this facility.

Moose Mountain Oil Development

Brownfield expansion project to bring oil production into the existing gas production facility. This remote, mountain location in northern Canada introduced many logistical challenges with emulsion pipeline facing drops of 2,000 meters. Numerous design solutions were developed to mitigate the pipeline liquids issues.

Glidden Heavy Oil Battery

This successful EPCM project executed by Equinox included a new 1,400 m3/d (8,600 barrel/day) heavy oil battery, 87% water cut, 13° API oil with associated sweet solution gas.

The scope of this heavy oil project also included Equinox providing design and engineering services for tie-in for 23 well sites as well as a complete gathering and distribution system.

Cecil Oil Battery

This is an EPCM project to design and construct this grassroots 4,000 bpd emulsion oil battery with 35 API° oil, 25 % water cut, associated solution gas (150 ppm H2S) in northern Alberta. The facility includes two emulsion well tie-ins, source water pipelines, source water well facilities, produced water injection pipeline & battery.

Equinox has extensive experience with conventional and heavy oil production projects including wellsites and gathering systems.