400 MMscfd Advantage Glacier Amine Plant

The Advantage Glacier Gas Plant expansion project increased the overall processing capacity of the facility from 260 MMscfd to 400 MMscfd, improved the facility’s overall flexibility by twinning equipment, and solved long-standing liquid management and operational issues.

Of special note were the two (200 MMscfd) Amine Plants, which were recently brought online in summer 2018.

Each plant was designed to treat 1.5% H2S and 1.0% CO2 in the plant inlet and provided substantially increased operating flexibility to the facility. The start-up of the first Amine Plant was very smooth in May, and the second plant started up without incident in July.

The Amine Plants are mirrored, but otherwise identical, and consist of the following equipment.

• Amine Contactor
• Lean/Rich Amine Exchanger
• Amine Regenerator
• Amine Reboiler
• Lean Amine Charge Pumps

The two Amine Plants were part of a much larger expansion to the Glacier Gas Plant, bringing the facility up to 400 MMscfd, which was also executed by Equinox.

Plant expansions come with their own challenges, including congested work sites, live equipment, existing bottlenecks, and power constraints, all areas in which Equinox has significant expertise.

Construction and start-up were staged/phased to minimize overall downtime and to commission critical units in time to meet the facility’s production forecasts.