Our Global Offices

Equinox Engineering is a leader in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) sector, with a widespread presence in Canada, the USA, Australia, and India. Our ethos revolves around innovation, safety, and quality, driving us to deliver top-tier EPCM services across the hydrocarbon industry. Renowned for executing projects with efficiency and excellence, we are committed to advancing engineering solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s energy sector. By integrating diverse expertise and deep understanding of local and international markets, Equinox is setting industry benchmarks, fostering progress across the globe.


Headquartered in Calgary and founded in 1997, Equinox Engineering is a leading provider of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) services. Specializing in the hydrocarbon sector, our Canadian operations offer unmatched expertise in facility and pipeline projects across various markets, from natural gas to heavy oil. Dedicated to safety, quality, and cost-efficiency, our team provides complete EPCM solutions, emphasizing environmental stewardship and innovation. With over 7,000 successful projects, Equinox is your trusted partner for complex engineering challenges in today’s energy industry.

United States

Based in Houston and Pittsburgh and established in 2019, Equinox Engineering’s U.S. operations exemplify our dedication to excellence and innovation in the EPCM sector. Specializing in advanced hydrocarbon processing, energy transition, and emission reduction, we leverage extensive expertise to deliver safe, high-quality, cost-effective, and timely projects. Our U.S. team offers a comprehensive range of EPCM services, including project management, detailed design, procurement, and operations maintenance. 


Located in Brisbane and established in 2013, Equinox Engineering’s Australian operations showcase our commitment to exceptional quality and innovative solutions in the EPCM sector, especially within the hydrocarbon industry. Equinox Australia brings global expertise to a full spectrum of services, including project management, conceptual and basic engineering, and commissioning & start-up. Focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we lead in energy transition projects, ensuring our solutions are technologically advanced, environmentally sound, and socially responsible.


Flag of India

Located in Pune and established in 2008, Equinox Engineering’s Indian operations highlight our strategic commitment to providing world-class EPCM services in both emerging and established markets. Specializing in the hydrocarbon sector, our India team blends global expertise with local knowledge to deliver comprehensive engineering solutions for facility and pipeline projects. Equinox India focuses on safety, quality, and sustainability from feasibility studies through detailed design to construction management, ensuring efficient execution and environmental consideration in every project.