Inga Sour Gas Compressor Station Relocation and Amine Expansion

Equinox successfully executed a complete facility relocation and amine expansion of the Inga Sour Gas Compressor Station.

The assets for the station, originally the Fortune Creek Compressor and Dehydration Station in the Horn River Basin of British Columbia, were acquired by our client and then relocated to the Inga new gas compression and dehydration station northwest of Fort St. John, British Columbia.

This project involved the relocation of the existing 120 MMscfd sour gas compression facility, as well as the addition of three new inlet vessels, an oil and water tank farm, and water and oil sales pumps. The facility also included two large frac-water ponds with access to both truck-out and pipelines for distributing frac water. The existing 120 MMscfd facility was deconstructed and upgraded to be shipped as modules to the new location about 400 km away. The equipment was rebuilt in the same configuration, except with key upgrades and modifications designed by Equinox.

The subsequent amine expansion involved relocating and modifying a used 45 MMscfd amine plant from CO2 service to H2s service and installation at the existing compressor station. A unique acid gas blending system was utilized to allow the use of a TEG dehydration from a separate facility. Tieing this together with another relocated heat medium package and MCC building, this conversation happened with over 80% re-used or re-purposed equipment!

The relocation was also expanded to process 6,000 bpd with future expansion to 12,000 bpd and included:

• Modularized Inlet Receivers to have 8 different inlets with the need for only two pig receivers
• Flipped orientation of the piperack to align the existing layout with the new pipeline ROWs locations
• Added oil treater and tanks to process the increased sour oil service
• Segregated gas trains to have a sweet and sour train
• Designed plant for future capabilities of an amine and/or refrigeration train