Glacier – Power Generation

Equinox Engineering is an industry leader in power generation, specifically regarding natural gas fired, reciprocating engine generators (gensets) to generate power for remote hydrocarbon facilities.

Within the overall design of the Glacier Gas Processing Facility (400 MMscfd), a significant amount of power generation was required.

With the Equinox scope, there were four x 2.5 MW, 4.16kV natural gas gensets added to the existing two x 2.4 MW, 480V units at the facility. All generators (existing and new) were configured to provide backup redundancy to the overall plant.

Equinox was responsible for the design and procurement of all gensets, along with enclosures, switchgear, MCCs as well as all other auxiliary equipment (neutral grounding register, lube oil system, UPS, power metering and protection relays).

Equinox has designed and installed power generation at remote facility sites – ranging from 100 kW up to 60 MW.

Contact us anytime regarding power generation requirements, spare capacity and redundancy and Equinox can recommend and specify the most appropriate gas driven gensets, to diesel or turbine generators.