The Depth of Equinox’s Shallow Cut Expertise

January 27, 2020

For projects with gas conditions that require liquids removal – Equinox Engineering has world class expertise – specifically regarding refrigeration facilities.

Facilities include standard propane refrigeration, lean oil absorption, IFPEXOL as well as JT (Joule Thompson) processes for chilling and liquids extraction.

Equinox specializes in shallow cut facility design with extensive experience in greenfield designs, debottlenecking, expansions, optimization, commissioning, startups and operator training. Many of these projects include sourcing and refurbishment of existing packages for schedule acceleration or cost savings.

Our designs and facilities range in size from 2 MMscfd to 400 MMscfd with hydrocarbon liquid ratio’s ranging from minimal amounts being removed to meet hydrocarbon sales dew point specifications to large recoveries in excess of 200 bbls/MMscfd.

For large recoveries Equinox has extensive experience with fractionation from de-ethanizer towers to multiple tower fractionation trains designed to isolate and recover specific hydrocarbons as well as associated storage.

Give us a call, we likely have an existing design that can be utilized for your shallow cut requirements.

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