Water Treatment and Handling Experts

Equinox has industry leading expertise in engineering design and installation of frac water handling and water treatment projects associated with the oil and gas industry.

Our experience with water treatment issues (produced, fresh, brackish, saline, brine, disposal) and solutions include desalinators, deoilers, reverse osmosis units, precipitate recovery technologies, lime softening, ion exchange softening, evaporation, reverse osmosis, advanced oxidation, thermal vapor recompression, and thermal distillation.

We have executed numerous water handling projects including:
Tank / C-Ring Storage: Equinox has designed and installed a variety of field-constructed tanks ranging in size from 10,000 bbl to 200,000 bbl. This work includes all foundations, containment, access, piping, fire protection/detection, leak mitigation, and instrumentation required to support the tanks.
Water Pump Storage: we have designed and executed a variety of water handling pump projects, ranging from simple water utility pumps, to high-integrity fire-water pumps, to highly-corrosive produced water pumps.
Site Water Run Off Storage: Equinox has completed the drainage design for hundreds of lease sites which include containment ponds ranging from 50,000 to 500,000 cubic feet. Methods of containment include, but are not limited to, geomembrane liners, compacted clay liners, and geosynthetic clay liners
Water Gathering / Distribution Pipelines: Equinox has designed hundreds of kilometers of fresh and brackish source water gathering systems utilized for steam generation for thermal projects, as well as for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs. We also specialize in produced water gathering systems or flow-back water pipelines (including sour water, oily water, brackish and saline) as well as water treatment, disposal or recycling.
Pond Water Storage: Equinox designs fit for purpose storage pond systems including earthworks, liner selection, sub-liner drainage, leak detection and inlet / outlet piping design.
Source / Disposal Water Wellsites: Our standard design includes a modularized piping system with removable buildings to allow for simplified well servicing. Implementation of our modular based design has resulted in minimized field hours and duration associated with construction activities.

Whether for safe disposal or reuse, we are confident we have a water strategy suited for your projects. Get in touch today.