Montney Standardized Wellsite Program

Equinox successfully executed full engineering services and construction support for a unconventional Wellpad Development Program. Equinox’s scope involved developing an optimized, standard wellpad design to reduce capital cost, accelerate engineering and construction schedules, and provide our client with a templated wellpad design that can be replicated for future well pads.

Reducing Total Installed Costs

With a proven track record of executing fit-for-purpose, repeatable wellpad designs, Equinox achieved a 30% reduction in the project’s originally budgeted Total Installed Cost (TIC). It is anticipated that subsequent developments through the templated wellpad design can result in 75% / 85%+ savings in hours/costs from the first pad to pad development later in the program. The Wellpad Development Program included the development of nine (9) new horizontal wells at the new well pad that include wet metering, a test separator package (including three test separators), chemical injection package, a MCC building and associated utilities including a power generator package, instrument air package, and a fuel gas conditioning/metering package as part of this new development.

Equinox Engineering has a proven track record of executing fit-for-purpose, repeatable wellpad designs through the use of a set engineering and procurement execution philosophy that has been developed and fine-tuned on numerous wellpad development projects. Get in touch today to learn more about our unique approach.

Above Ground Pipeline

Buried Pipeline

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