Project Management

Advanced EPCM Project Management

Off-the-shelf software solutions no longer match the scope and complexity of today’s EPCM projects. Axiom Worx is proprietary software developed by Equinox Engineering that solves this problem and delivers best-in-class project management.

For clients of Equinox this translates to improved execution, superior data management, and more control over important functionality like reporting, cost control, and KPI monitoring. No other software outperforms Axiom Worx in real world EPCM project management applications.

One Solution. All the Control.


Projects are at the core of client operations, and the backbone of Axiom Worx. Our teams use Axiom Worx to plan and execute complex EPCM projects with unprecedented accuracy. Axiom Worx provides comprehensive oversight over every single aspect of any project.


Axiom Worx provides advanced functionality for cost control, invoicing, payroll, expenses, and much more — with easily customizable rules for each contract, client, or project. Client project managers have access to any aspect of review or approvals processes as required.

Document Control

No other project management software  delivers more robust data management than Axiom Worx. Teams have instant access to any document, anytime, anywhere from any device — with the ability to share documents across project team members and external stakeholders.


Axiom Worx provides total control and accuracy over purchasing, expediting, and tracking so projects managers always have immediate access to the most important metrics and data. With Axiom Worx all aspects of procurement are handled in a comprehensive manner.

Advanced Analytics

Proper data management and utilization is the cornerstone of all good EPCM projects. Axiom Worx is a data powerhouse that makes it easy to leverage any type of reporting, monitoring, or combination of elements to achieve seamless workflows that enhance project outcomes.

Outperforming Industry Standards

Most project teams use off-the-shelf software but these tools do not match the scale and complexity of today’s EPCM projects.

Proprietary Software Advantage
Axiom Worx is the result of many years of software development, and is customizable to meet the exact needs of any EPCM project.
Best-in-Class Data Management

No other project management suite outperforms Axiom Worx for real time data management within EPCM project applications.

Exclusive to Equinox Project Teams

Axiom Worx is available exclusively through our internal project management teams for usage in client project applications.

Axiom Worx is proprietary software from Equinox Engineering that delivers superior project management results and reliability.

Advantages of Axiom Worx

• Proprietary software outperforms off-the-shelf solutions.
• Customized to meet the exact need for every unique client and project.
• Powerful enough to match the scale and scope of today’s complex EPCM projects.
• Proven technology, applied to thousands of successful energy projects.
• The result of many years of dedicated software development.
• Full control over single aspect for every type of EPCM project requirement.
• Best-in-class performance with highly robust data management framework.
• Controls and manages every single aspect of any EPCM project in realtime.
• On-demand data reporting capabilities for all project aspects and milestones.
• Ultra-reliable for flawless EPCM project management timelines and execution.

Axiom Worx is proprietary software from Equinox Engineering that delivers superior project management results and reliability.