Equinox delivers Moomba CCS Detail Design – targeting US$24 per tonne of CO2

Moomba Detail Design

Equinox Engineering is proud to deliver the engineering design of the Moomba CCS project facilities for Santos Ltd.

Santos (and joint venture partner Beach Energy) announced (1 November 2021) a final investment decision and will proceed with the A$220 million Moomba Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in South Australia, with start-up of the facility expected in 2024.

The Moomba CCS project will safely store 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in perpetuity. This represents a cut of more than 7% to South Australia’s emissions, addressing the largest single point source of emissions in South Australia.

Santos forecast a full lifecycle cost of less than US$24 per tonne of CO2. Read more.

The project will capture carbon dioxide from the Moomba Gas Plant and deliver it via a new buried pipeline for injection into depleted gas reservoirs, within the Della, Marabooka and Strzelecki fields for permanent storage. The project will geo-sequester a significant stream of greenhouse gas and develop longer-term carbon capture and storage (CCS) capabilities in the Cooper Basin.

The Moomba Gas Plant is located approximately 750 kilometres north of Adelaide in the remote region of the Strzelecki desert. It currently has four CO2 Removal Trains in operation provide a ready source of low pressure, water-saturated CO2 gas.

The new CCS facility will capture, dehydrate, and compress CO2 from four CO2 Removal Trains for delivery to various Cooper Basin reservoirs. The CCS project will provide a future connection for a future tie in to a fifth CO2 Removal Train.

A multistage centrifugal compressor will be used to compress the CO2 prior to dehydration. Compressed, water-saturated gas will enter a Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) dehydration unit where water will be removed. The dehydrated CO2 will be returned to the same multistage centrifugal compressor and further compressed before being delivered to the pipeline distribution network.

The CCS plant will be designed to process up to 84 MMscfd of dehydrated CO2 with a facility discharge pressure of up to 14,600 kPag.

The facility will then supply the dehydrated compressed CO2 for supercritical dense phase pipeline transport to sequestration facilities for injection into depleted Cooper Basin reservoirs.

This results in 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 per year safely removed and injected.

Equinox Engineering is providing the engineering design services and key expertise to support Santos Ltd and the Moomba CCS project – for the CO2 capture, CO2 compression and dehydration, the CO2 pipeline and the CO2 sequestration.