Wellsites & Field Facilities

Equinox has designed and installed thousands of wellheads, wellhead tie-ins and wellhead flowlines, gathering systems, trunk and group lines as well as field facilities (including compression, dehydration & refrigeration). Our experience includes unconventional wellsite design with 12-18 wells per pad. For wellsite tie-ins, Equinox will provide the expertise required to specify, size and utilize the appropriate equipment including separators, wet and dry meter skids, in-line heaters, condensate pump skids, methanol injection pumps and storage tanks, corrosion inhibitor pumps & storage tanks, PSV’s, flare knock out drums and flare stacks as needed.

Tupper Wellsites

FEED & Detail Design for Montney unconventional wellpad program (each with 8 to 12 expandable wellheads. Program includes several hundred kilometers of sales pipelines, trunk lines and gathering lines.

A typical wellpad includes a group separator (with metering package and test separator), line heaters, a temporary rental well sand separator, an HP flare stack & knock-out drum, an RTU/TEG skid (incl. communication) and chemical tanks and pumps (inhibitor and methanol).

Ojay Sour Wellsites & Dehydration Facility (30 MMscfd)

Equinox provided FEED and Detail Design for mole sieve dehydration facility (30 MMscfd at 20% H2S, 7% CO2), as well as sour (10 MMscfd at 20% H2S) wellsites (with line heaters), along with 5 km of sweet fuel gas pipeline and 3 sour gas process lines.

NBC Standardized Wellsite Program

By utilizing the Catalogue of Designs program, the wellsites leveraged a standardized drawing package (site plan, P&IDs, electrical drawings, civil drawings, structural steel, piping isometrics). Once the initial pad concept was developed, subsequent project engineering man-hours reduced dramatically. Process engineering and mechanical engineering was reduced, P&ID packages remained the same, HAZOP requirement minimized.

Muskeg Conventional Oil
Multi-Wellpad and Satellite Facility

Wellpads were designed with modular pipe racks such that they can be rearranged for different site orientations, expandable depending on expected flows, and quick installation due to the remoteness of the wells. This in turn reduced engineering costs as the templated design can be replicated onto future wells.

Montney Standardized Wellsite Program

The development of an optimized, standard wellpad design to reduce capital cost, accelerate engineering and construction schedules, and provide our client with a templated well pad design that can be replicated for future well pads. Equinox achieved a 30% reduction in the project’s originally budgeted Total Installed Cost. Read more.

Conroy, Elleh Wellsite Program

Standardization of engineering and equipment to achieve cost efficiencies with both EPCM hours and procurement streamlining. The use of a standard wellsite packages allowed for very tight cost control of engineering and allowed for consistency in capital material procurement as well as construction of sites. Equinox was successful in executing engineering for 1% of capital cost.

Kobes Standardized Wellsite Program

The Catalogue of Designs strategy was utilized for this extensive shale gas program for the development of up to 1,000 wells including 72 x multiwell pads (9 to 18 wells per pad), 2 x Field Compressor Dehy Nodes (2 x 220 MMscfd) and 1 x Central Processing Facility (440 MMscfd).

Equinox delivers industry leading expertise in cost-effective wellpad and wellsite design for any type of application.