Pipestone Liquids Hub

October 9, 2019

Equinox Engineering delivered the Pipestone Liquids Hub project 10% under budget, and 2 months ahead of schedule.

This fast-tracked project accelerated the plant start-up by 2months, providing an additional 8 weeks of production revenue to the client. In addition, Equinox recommended several cost saving measures which reduce overall Total Installed Cost dramatically.

Located outside of Grande Prairie Alberta, this project involved the installation of a facility designed to process and stabilize 3,498 m3/day (22,000 bpd) of sour emulsion. The emulsion contained 2,226 m3/day (14,000 bpd) of raw condensate and 1,272 m3/day (8,000 bpd) of produced water with up to 8% H2S.

The raw condensate was separated from the water, stabilized, and pumped to Pembina’s Peace Pipeline system. A Mercaptan Removal Unit (MRU) was required to reduce the remaining sulfur species (mercaptans) in the stabilized condensate. The produced water was pumped to a water injection well site. Any flashed gas and overheads from the stabilizer were compressed, blended with sweet gas from TCPL, and pipelined to a separate facility for final processing.

The Liquids Hub contained 24 hours of storage capacity for both condensate and produced water with truck in / truck out stations.

Additional utility equipment included: Storage tank Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), glycol heat medium system, instrument air package, fuel gas package with electric heater, dual flare stack, back-up diesel generator package, chemical injection, and office / control room with warehouse.


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