Duvernay Stabilization 3

April 13, 2020

Equinox Engineering recently executed the Detail Design of this 20,000 bpd Stabilization Facility in the Duvernay area of Fox Creek, Alberta. The facility is now in construction.

The Duvernay Stabilization 3 (DS3) includes the addition of a third stabilization train sized for 20,000 bpd with additional storage (1 x 15,000 bbl tank). The project accounted for a future expansion (DS4), which would add an additional 20,000 bpd of condensate stabilization.

Using a previous design (DS1) as a basis, Equinox was able to provide significant improvements through design optimization, reduced construction cost and improved access and constructability. To minimize field costs, modular design was used extensively throughout the facility and field wiring, welding, tubing and pipe runs were kept to an absolute minimum.

The Stabilization Facility (DS1/DS2/DS3) is designed to process the raw liquid and vapour hydrocarbon streams from the Inlet Duvernay Handling Facility into a specified C5+ product and overhead gas. The overhead gas is compressed and sent to the Stabilization Facility for further processing. The Stabilization Facility has onsite C5+ storage and a LACT unit owned by Pembina Pipeline.

Give us a call, we likely have an existing design that can be utilized for your stabilization facility requirements.

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