Heavy Oil
Central Processing Facilities & Pilot Plants

Equinox provides expertise, technical solutions and effective execution strategies for thermal in-situ projects. Our experience spans grassroots facilities, upgrades and optimizations, debottlenecking and sustaining capital projects. Our expertise includes inlet separation and oil treating, diluent recovery, produced water de-oiling, water treatment and softening, wastewater treatment, sludge treating and disposal and steam generation. We provide innovative solutions for Central Processing Facilities (CPF) including Utilities and Offsites, as well as Field Facilities such as Pads and Flowlines. We also execute infrastructure work related to pipelines, power, water, roads and camp design.

Surmont – Sustaining Capital

Equinox provides complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction Support services for numerous Management of Change (MOC) and Sustaining Capital projects for ConocoPhillips Canada at the Surmont Heavy Oil facility. 

Christina Lake – Sustaining Capital

Equinox provided complete EPCM services for this program of brownfield projects at this Central Processing Facility, meeting schedule and budget expectations. Overall, the Equinox role is to provide the timely execution of a diverse portfolio of Sustaining Capital projects up to $100 MM TIC. In addition, Equinox executed Management of Change (MOC) projects including upgrades, optimization and maintenance of all types of equipment including water treatment, steam generation and oil treating facilities, as well as for DCS/PLC software.

Lower Fars – Cyclical Steam Pilot Plant

The scope of this project is to design and install the complete Lower Fars complex in the Ratqa field of northern Kuwait. The facilities include two Cyclical Steam Stimulation (CSS) pilot plants. The grassroots plants include the North Facility (6,500 bpd capacity with inlet from 49 CSS wells) and the South Facility (2,500 bpd capacity with inlet from 9 CSS wells). Each facility includes the wellpads, pipelines, production handling and treatment, steam generation / distribution, and water treatment.

Saleski East – Central Processing Facility

The Saleski East feasibility study project is for a SAGD production facility to be designed in two 30,000 bpd phases of bitumen production. The facility is to include plant inlet separation, emulsion treating, produced water de-oiling, water treatment, evaporation, boiler feed water (BFW) treatment, steam generation. The facility will include a cogeneration facility. Field facilities include large well pad facilities and flowlines.

TAGD Pilot Plant

This heavy oil pilot plant pioneers new technology to mobilize and produce bitumen in porous carbonate reservoirs of Leduc & Grosmont formations in the oilsands of northern Alberta. Thermal Assisted Gravity Drainage (TAGD) Pilot incl. 3,000 bpd Central Processing Facility, two wellpads (demo & pilot) & flowlines (12″ high temp emulsion, 4″ annulus gas & 3″ fuel gas). Uses array of downhole electrical resistance heaters contained in coiled tubing which is installed in horizontal wells, heating the reservoir via thermal conduction.


Blackrod SAGD Pilot Plant

Executed both FEED and Detailed Design for 600 bpd, single wellpair SAGD Pilot Plant. Central Processing Facility (CFP) includes production facilities, produced water de-oiling, source well water and treatment facilities, steam generation, storage tanks, flare system, fuel gas system, glycol system, utilities and support buildings. Produced fluids from wellpads incl. bitumen, produced water consisting of steam condensate, formation water and solution gas. Produced water is transported via a pipeline to a disposal well.

Equinox provides expertise, technical solutions and effective execution strategies for thermal in-situ projects.