Waste Heat Recovery

Moomba CCS – Cogeneration & Heat Recovery Steam Generation

Equinox is designing this world class Carbon Capture facility in southern Australia. Includes a gas turbine drive cogeneration unit with Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) producing utility steam (38 tph) for the facility. Our scope also includes design of diverter damper, allowing the turbine to operate in simple cycle (exhaust to atmosphere) for HRSG maintenance with the turbine online. The overall modular design of the HRSG minimizes site installation/assembly and field welds and overall capital cost.

Kakwa – Waste Heat Recovery

Equinox designed and installed the entire Kakwa Gas Processing Complex (200 MMscfd), which included onsite power generation was installed for all utility and designated process loads. Three Solar Turbine – Taurus 70 gas turbine generators (GTG) were installed for 21 MW of power. These units were coupled with waste heat recovery units (WHRU) that supplied hot oil for process heat throughout the facility.

Equinox has extensive knowledge and expertise in all phases of pipeline system design, material selection and construction.