Equinox is a world class leader in equipment and piperack modularization, having designed and installed numerous modules at oil and gas facilities worldwide. Every project ensures a fit for purpose approach across the modularization spectrum, according to project complexity, schedule & cost.

Modularization offers many advantages over stick building methods such as:
  • Lowering the overall project cost by completing work in a shop environment, taking advantage of shop vs. field labour rates and working in a controlled environment
  • Lowering the cost of coating, instrumentation, heat tracing, insulation and hydrotesting
  • Increasing fabrication quality and productivity, and optimizing the inspection process
  • Fabrication, assembly and testing time is reduced dramatically
  • Simplifying on-site assembly, resulting in less installation time and less field crews
  • Allowing an increased number of simultaneous on-site project activities, which reduces the overall project duration
  • Reducing the risk of unpredictable on-site weather conditions which cause weather delays
  • Resulting in a smaller on-site footprint, which saves project cost
  • Minimizing time for commissioning and start-up, as well as turn-around time for brownfield expansions

Our Project Management, Engineering and Design teams provide a full range of services and have significant expertise in:

  • Piperack module design including piping, structural steel, platforms, valves, cable trays and instrumentation
  • Equipment modularization including equipment design, module layout and optimization and operational review
  • Modularization studies including schedule, cost, complexity, facility location, new installation vs. brownfield, facility congestion/accessibility, and construction strategies
  • Transportation and logistics studies including route selection, shipping dimensions and weights

Let Equinox find a fit for purpose approach for your next project.

Equinox is a leader in equipment and piperack modularization, with vast experience designing and installing modules.