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Liquids Recovery Projects


Equinox has significant experience with liquids recovery from natural gas streams. We have executed numerous projects utilizing refrigeration, hydrocarbon dew point control and liquid recovery plants including propane refrigeration, mixed refrigerant plants, Joule Thompson (J-T) refrigeration, turbo-expanders, de-ethanizers, de-propanizers and de-butanizer facilities.


Recent Projects

Musreau Turbo Expander (17,500 bpd)

FEED and Detail Design for a 200 MMscfd sour gas plant containing inlet separation, inlet compression (3 reciprocating compressors totaling 14,205 hp), mole sieve dehydration, a turbo expander liquid recovery package (17,697 bbl C2+), sales compression (2 centrifugal compressors totaling 26,440 hp), C2+ storage, condensate stabilization (5,896 bbl), LACT and power generation (11.2 MW). A sour gas processing train is included with amine sweetening (CO2 and H2S removal), and vapour recovery unit.



Waskada Liquids Recovery (7 MMscfd + 1400 bbl)

FEED and Detail Design for a 7 MMscfd gas plant and liquids recovery facility including inlet separation, inlet compression (reciprocating compressor totaling 1445 hp), amine sweetening (CO2 and H2S removal), refrigeration (1400 bpd) and NGL storage.



Stanley Liquids Recovery NGL Facility (140 MMscfd + 5169 bbl)

FEED and Detail Design for a 140 MMscfd gas plant located in a tropical rainforest designed for unique seismic design conditions. Process trains (2 x 70 MMscfd) contain inlet separation, injection compression (5 reciprocating compressors totaling 19,490 hp), mercury removal, refrigeration, condensate stabilization, (5,169 bpd), condensate transfer pumps, power generation, condensate storage (25,000 bbl) and produced water storage.



Kiunga Condensate Terminal NGL Storage Facility (75,000 bbl)

FEED and Detail Design for a Condensate Terminal including floating roof Condensate Storage Tank (75,000 bbl), 2 centrifugal condensate loading pumps, diesel storage (750 bbl), lube oil storage,
and power generation.