Civil Earthworks Design

Equinox specializes in civil earthworks design for all facility and pipeline projects we execute. Typical scopes of work includes earthworks design for facility site grading and containment, roadways, wellpads, above ground and buried pipelines, and complete SAGD project grading capabilities. Equinox creates a 3D Earthworks model from both LIDAR and traditional survey data. This model is highly accurate and is the basis of Earthworks design. From this model, we are able to achieve a level of accuracy of Earthworks quantities (for example, Bulk Cut & Fills and Finished Gravel) that was never obtainable in traditional 2D design methods. Our Civil Earthworks Team has over 75 years of combined experience.

After the site has been visited and the data examined for accuracy, our team begins to process the data using AutoCAD Civil 3D software, the benchmark of Earthworks software across the industry. By using Civil 3D to its full extent, we have streamlined the concept-to-drawing design process to minimize costly and timely re-work. By creating dynamic Alignments, Profiles and Section views that are linked to the model, changes are captured instantaneously. In short, if we change or update the Earthworks model, drawings and quantities automatically update themselves.

The final result will have two key benefits: The first is the production of accurate grading drawings in a timely manner; the second is the production of the 3D Earthworks model to be used by other disciplines.

This is the foundation of multi-discipline design. When the structural and piping designers start their design, they can be confident that the model they are using for their ground will be identical to the ground out on site, thereby eliminating unnecessary re-work or surprises.

We can create highly accurate 3D Earthworks models from both LIDAR and traditional survey data, this is the basis of Earthworks design.