Condensate (C5+) Recovery

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) include ethane (C2), propane (C3), butanes (C4), as well as pentanes and heavier components (C5+) – typically referred to as Condensate.

Condensate is a high value product, targeted for recovery as stabilized condensate – to be sold as diluent or to the refinery market. Equinox specializes in standalone Condensate Stabilization Facilities and Terminals, as well as packages within larger gas processing facilities. A typical condensate stabilizer package will consist of a pre-heater, feed drum, feed/bottoms exchanger, stabilizer tower with reboiler (heat medium), and condensate product cooler. 

Duvernay Condensate Stabilization Facilities

Condensate Stabilization Facility is designed to process 20,000 bpd (twinnable to 40,000 bpd) of raw liquid and vapour hydrocarbon streams into a specified C5+ (Condensate) product, and overhead gas. The facility includes a dual condensate stabilization process that includes initial separation and heat exchange package to treat and remove H2S prior to treatment in the condensate stabilizer frac tower.

Pipestone Liquids Hub – Condensate Recovery

Equinox delivered FEED, Detail Design for this successful grassroots facility designed to process and stabilize 22,000 bpd of sour emulsion with raw condensate containing up to 8% H2S. The emulsion is separated into flashed gas, condensate and produced water.  The raw condensate is stabilized and sent to sales pipeline

Wapiti Gas Plant – Condensate & Liquids Recovery

Equinox designed this 200 MMscfd sour gas processing facility, which included condensate stabilization facilities with inlet capacity of 10,000 bpd of condensate.

West Doe Sour Gas Plant – Condensate Facilities

Sour gas processing facility, designed over three phases for capacity of 100 MMscfd. Each phase includes a condensate stabilizer package to handle hydrocarbon liquids from slug catcher, inlet separator, refrigeration plant.

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