Balance of Plant

Equinox has extensive experience and delivers Balance of Plant (BOP) engineering services. This includes all process equipment, utilities infrastructure (i.e., power, water, steam, heat medium, instrument air, etc.) as well as pipe rack, cable trays, communications & control etc. Equinox Engineering has designed and installed over 80 significant processing facilities, each requiring integration of packages into balance of plant.

Technology Providers

Regularly, Equinox will evaluate processing technologies and work closely with licensors for proprietary solutions and equipment packages. Common examples include sulphur recovery, carbon dioxide capture, turboexpander based NGL recovery, oil refining, etc. In all cases, Equinox will provide the Balance of Plant engineering regarding the overall facility.
  • Inlet compression
  • Sales compression
  • Mole Sieve & Turbo Expander
  • Power Generation
  • Amine Sweetening


Kakwa River – Balance of Plant

The image above of the Kakwa River mole sieve (temperature swing adsorption) unit and turbo expander train (designed for 200 MMscfd of throughput) are excellent examples. These were non-proprietary equipment packages, however the packager required Equinox expertise for Balance of Plant design.

Broadly, all individual areas of the plant and major equipment packaged all required integration to balance of plant. Each of the packages (listed to left) are specified and integrated. This included power infrastructure, gas and utilities tie-ins, communications and control, pipe racks, cable trays, foundations, etc. This holds true for the other example gas processing facilities on the previous pages.

Equinox has extensive experience in delivering Balance of Plant (BOP) engineering services to companies worldwide.