Equinox Engineering Ltd.

Equinox Engineering Ltd. is a private company operating in the United States, Canada, Australia and India. We have provided the highest quality EPCM services to our clients domestically and worldwide since 1997. We pride ourselves in successfully executing projects that are safe, high quality, cost effective and completed on-time. Our primary focus is on the hydrocarbon industry including facility and pipeline projects for natural gas, conventional oil and heavy oil markets.

Comprehensive EPCM Services

We offer complete EPCM services including Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual and Basic Engineering, Detailed Design, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning and Start-up and Operations and Maintenance. Equinox provides its clients with award winning facility designs that exceed environmental industry standards. Our sophisticated, environmentally friendly designs ensure that emissions are minimized, and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded.

Gas Processing Facilities

Equinox has industry leading expertise in large hydrocarbon processing facilities ranging up to $750,000,000 Total Installed Cost. Our experience includes a wide range of processing and treating facilities including refrigeration plants, amine sweetening, sulfur recovery, mercury removal, acid gas transportation and disposal, glycol dehydration, mole sieve dehydration, cryogenic processing plants, turbo-expanders, NGL recovery and fractionation. Read more.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Equinox is a world leader in Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage projects. Carbon can be removed from industrial processes as pre-combustion separation, or as post-combustion, where CO2 is removed from flue gases. Several technologies are available for capture, separation, purification, compression, dehydration, liquification of CO2. Read more.


Our extensive gas compression experience includes centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary screw and vane type compressors for all sweet and sour gas applications, as well as gas turbine, natural gas engine, steam turbine and electric drivers. We have successfully designed and installed over 300 complete compression packages. In addition, we have executed hundreds of compression studies and evaluations. Read more.

Wellsites and Wellpads

We have industry leading expertise for the development and design of multi-well pad designs for unconventional gas. By leveraging our Catalogue of Designs, clients can save as much as 75% of the engineering costs by standardizing components of the design as part of a wellsite development program. Read more.


The Equinox Pipeline Division has designed and installed 1000s of miles of pipelines, including gathering lines (3” to 12”), trunk lines (8” to 24”) and sales pipelines (24” to 36”). Our expertise includes natural gas (sweet, sour and acid gas), liquids, conventional and heavy oil, condensate, refined products, water and steam pipelines. Read more.

Sustaining Capital and Brownfield

One of our core competencies. We execute projects in “live” operational environments including troubleshoot, performance testing, capacity optimization, and debottlenecking on large oil and gas processing facilities, large gas fields, related field facilities, and assets. Read more.

Our primary focus is the hydrocarbon industry including facility and pipeline projects for natural gas, conventional oil and heavy oil.