Equinox has significant compression experience and has successfully designed and installed over 300 compression packages, including over 60 large horsepower reciprocating and centrifugal projects. In addition, we have executed hundreds of compression studies and evaluations. Our extensive gas compression experience includes centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary screw and vane type compressors for all sweet and sour gas applications, as well as gas turbine, natural gas engine, steam turbine and electric drivers.

We have an excellent reputation and extensive expertise with the installation of compression including service (sweet, sour and acid gas), compressor types (reciprocating, centrifugal, screw, and rotary vane), and driver types (gas engine driven, electric motor driven or turbine driven) compressors. Our extensive experience has led to a unique approach to modularization for the installation of large compressors that results in substantially more economic installation cost metrics and accelerated project schedules.

Selection and Optimization Studies

With decades of optimization and compressor selection studies completed, Equinox has an extensive database of compressor selection studies focused principally on determining optimum compressor strategies and life cycle costs – with specific emphasis on key criteria, such as CAPEX, OPEX and maintenance costs, reliability and performance. Our optimization studies focus on much of the same criteria as the selection studies but are tailored to evaluating cost effective solutions of modifying or upgrading existing infrastructure within brownfield environments. These studies also tie into various Carbon Capture treatments and options. 

Recent Projects

Arcadia Central Processing Facility (80 MMscfd

Equinox successfully executed the FEED and Detail Design of the recently constructed and commissioned Arcadia Gas Processing Facility in Queensland, Australia. Equinox worked closely with our client to develop and follow a Standard Design / Catalogue program, reducing the overall Total Installed Cost and accelerating the schedule. Read more.

Scotia Central Processing Facility (90 MMscfd)

Equinox executed the Concept, FEED and Detail Design for the Scotia Central and Flank CF1 Plant Expansion Project located in eastern Queensland, Australia. The brownfield expansion leveraged the Equinox ‘Standard Design’ and included the addition of main compression (4 x gas engine driven CAT 3608 and Ariel reciprocating JGD/4, 4-stage).

Placid Compressor Station (70 MMscfd)

Equinox provided engineering, procurement, construction support and commissioning for this greenfield, sour compression station. The project’s compression included:

  • 1 x Ariel reciprocating JGC/4 with Cat 3608 (2,445 HP) driver
  • 3 x Ariel reciprocating JGD/6 with Cat 3612 (3,875 HP) driver

Inga Compressor Station (120 MMscfd)

Equinox successfuly executed a complete facility relocation and expansion of the Inga Sour Gas Compressor Station. The existing facility was deconstructed and upgraded to be shipped as modules to the new location. The equipment was rebuilt in the same configuration, except with key upgrades and modifications designed by Equinox. In addition to numerous equipment upgrades, compression upgrades included the addition of 4 x 3612 Cat-driven Ariel Sour Gas Compressor units. Read more.

Musreau Gas Plant - Phase 1

For this grassroots facility, Equinox specified and installed:

  • two Inlet Compressors (Ariel JGD/4 + Waukesha L 7044, each 1680 HP)
  • one Inlet Compressor (Ariel JGC/4 + CAT 3612 3,550 HP)
  • two Sales Compressor(Ariel JGK/2+ CAT 3616 Engine 1,150 HP)

West Doe Sour Gas Plant

For this grassroots facility, Equinox specified and installed one Caterpillar 3516 compressor, 1050 HP; one Caterpillar 3608 compressor, 2370 HP; one electric drive compressor, 3100 HP

Deep Basin Compression

FEED and Detail Design for a program of 12 standalone compressor stations throughout northwest Alberta. A modular design provides optimized installation in remote northern terrain. Each typical booster compressor station accepts raw gas from 6 – 10 wellsites and includes: an inlet separator/blowcase (48-inch separator and a 24-inch blowcase), vent stack, knockout drum and 1,478 hp compressor package.

Dawson Sour Gas Plant

For this grassroots sour gas plant, Equinox specified and installed four sour service compressors (Ariel JGZ/4 + Hyundai, each 3,750 HP)

Pouce South Sour Gas Plant

For this grassroots facility, Equinox specified and installed four sour spec Inlet / Sales compressors (Waukesha 9390 GL, each 1980 HP)

CO2 Centrifugal Compression and HRSG for 1.7 mtpa Carbon Capture Facility

Equinox specified and installed centrifugal sales compression for the facility along with Heat Recovery Steam Generation.

Centrifugal Compression for 200 MMscfd Gas Processing Facility

Equinox specified and installed centrifugal sales compression for the facility including two Solar Turbines – Mars 90 units (2 x 13,220 hp)  installed and were direct coupled to the sales gas turbines totaling 26,440 hp.

Equinox has significant compression experience and has successfully executed hundreds of compression projects worldwide.