SemCAMS Wapiti Gas Plant

October 29, 2019

Equinox successfully executed the FEED and Detail Design of the SemCAMS Wapiti Gas Plant under budget and ahead of schedule.

As one of the many gas processing projects executed by Equinox, this project included the design and installation of a grassroots, sour gas processing facility of 200 MMscfd raw inlet gas with up to 8% H2S. It includes gas sweetening, acid gas compression / dehydration, acid gas blending scheme for existing pipeline disposal, tie-ins for acid gas deep well disposal, and a C3+ recovery facility. Liquids capacity is approximately 3,500 bpd C5+ condensate and 2,500 bpd C3+ NGL.

The process train major equipment includes HP inlet separator, LP inlet separator, inlet liquids preheater, inlet liquid separator, inlet condensate stabilization unit, inlet compression, recycle compression, vapor recovery compression, amine sweetening unit, refrigeration unit for C3+ recovery, sales gas compression, acid gas compression, and acid gas dehydration and power generation.

The SemCAMS Wapiti Facility is one of many successfully executed gas processing projects by Equinox. Equinox Engineering provides world class expertise in sour gas processing, and design of sweetening facilities, mercaptan removal, acid gas removal and handling, as well as sulphur disposal. Get in touch today.


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