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Sustaining Capital SAGD Facility Projects


Equinox executes brownfield projects for large heavy oil producers with some of Canada’s largest SAGD facilities. Projects include Sustaining Capital and Management of Change (MOC) programs and involve modifications, optimizations, debottlenecking, plant support, maintenance engineering and annual turnaround support.



Recent Projects


Christina Lake - SAGD Commercial Plant

Equinox is providing complete Engineering, Procurement, Regulatory and Construction Support services for this program of projects, meeting schedule and budget expectations.

Overall, the Equinox role is to provide the timely execution of a diverse portfolio of Sustaining Capital and Management of Change (MOC) projects.

This ongoing program of projects includes engineering, procurement and construction support for all sustaining capital projects (up to $100 MM TIC) as well as Management of Change (MOC) projects at this 60,000 bpd SAGD facility.

The MOC projects include upgrade optimization and maintenance of all types of equipment including water treatment, steam generation and oil treating facilities, as well as for DCS/PLC software.

The MOC projects address the follow-up requirements inherent to expansion of production by 3 times original at the facility.

Specific projects include PSV audit for entire existing facility; troubleshooting of automation programming and instrumentation resulting in more accurate measurement and optimization of process flows; failure analysis of existing equipment and selection of process specifi c materials for unique service conditions; rethinking current strategies and providing alternate solutions to meet the needs of a diverse and rapidly changing commodity delivery system.

Current project work includes execution and/or investigation of:

  • Proactively calculating process loads and recommending equipment upgrades or replacement due to future demands.
  • MOC for glycol boiler suspected faulty instrumentation causing surge problems (upon engineering investigation loading calculations revealed the boiler was undersized and required twinning or replacement).
  • OTSG boiler plate corrosion and exhaust containment issues.
  • Upgrading of plant safety systems including alarms, beacons, H2S monitoring, ice melt controls and other safety devices.