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Well Pads


Equinox's design philosophy regarding SAGD and CSS well pads is to ‘design one, build many’. We work with our clients to develop a sustainable design to incorporate all requirements of the reservoir and process conditions, balanced against the requirements of the production strategy, the facility design and operational preferences.

Within the scope of a large well pad program, we provide our clientele with opportunities to standardize the design allowing consistency and cost effectiveness going forward.



Recent Projects


Sunrise SAGD Well Pads

The Phase 1 Sustaining Well Pads project consists of horizontal well pairs (one steam injector and one producer) and the related well pad facilities, infield steam and emulsion pipelines and tie-ins to the Sunrise Central Processing Facility. ESP’s will be used as artificial lift for production wells. Production fluids at the well heads downstream of the choke valves will contain bitumen and produced water. The operating pressure at the well heads shall prevent water flashing. Production from each well head shall be tested at well pad.



Production Pad Redesign Study

The purpose of the study was to provide the client alternatives for the basic SAGD production pad and gathering line design. The new designs (and updated cost estimates) are being used by the client to objectively evaluate its current pad design and to compare to these alternatives. The ultimate goal of the study was to provide the Client an opportunity to reduce capital expenditure on new and sustaining wellpads and pipeline infrastructure, based on current, innovative designs.

The objective of this project is to design a basic, fit for purpose SAGD production pad, as well as above ground pipeline that is safe, operable and meets the minimum requirements of:

• Operability
• Industry Codes & Standards
• Governing Legislation (Provincial and Federal Law)
• Industry Regulatory Bodies

The basic pad and gathering line designs forms the Base Case(s) of the study. The Base Case was reviewed with the Client, followed by rigorous review with various internal Client stakeholder groups to define specific internal requirements. Equinox also provided a quantitative capital cost estimate, which was backed-up by historical data from various projects recently completed. This successful study identified significant design related alternatives that represent significant savings from the current development design. These design alternatives will be explored further in the detailed engineering phase of the project.