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Wellsites & Field Facilities


Equinox has extensive experience with conventional oil production projects including wellsites (single or multiple well pads) and pipeline gathering systems.



Recent Projects


Sylvan Lake Sour Oil Projects

Multiple EPCM projects including a large program (34 projects) of sour oil projects for all Alberta Clipper facilities in the Sylvan Lake area including the primary Sour Oil Battery (5000 bbl/d oil & 5000 bpd water), four main Satellites and the related gathering system and pipelines. The H2S content of the oil being processed varies from 2% to 26%.

The projects involved sour oil well tie-ins, existing satellite upgrades and expansions, pipeline design (sour oil, water and gas) and installation, modifications and upgrades to the existing central battery that included flare system upgrades, low pressure tank vapour system modifications, water injection system upgrades and compression troubleshooting.



Glidden Oil Battery Gathering & Distribution System

EPCM emulsion (13°API) and Casing Vent Gas (CVG) gathering system project for 24 wells including 4 separator satellites. Project includes HP standing gas gathering pipelines, source water gathering pipeline, produced water injection system, Emulsion Gathering (including well site to satellite pipeline, satellite to Glidden battery group pipelines, and test satellites), Casing Vent Gas (CVG) Gathering (including well site to satellite pipeline, satellite to Glidden battery group pipelines, and test satellites).


Coleville South - Sour Emulsion Wellsites & Gathering Systems

Multiple EPCM projects for existing and new wells to be flowlined to new satellite, including emulsion groupline and water groupline. Wells producing both emulsion and casing vent gas. Individual programs include Section 3 (6 existing and 6 new emulsion wells), Section 32 (9 wells, 3 water injection wells and 1 disposal well) Section 5/8 (7 emulsion and 3 water injection) – with each area tied into new satellite. Equipment includes wellsite pipeline, main group line, satellite with emulsion inlet header, metering.


Loverna - Sour Emulsion Wellsites & Gathering Program

EPCM project to tie-in eleven (11) sour emulsion (13° API) sites, and six (6) sour casing vent gas (CVG) producing locations via separate gathering systems


Pembina Battery & Waterflood FEED

FEED project to evaluate the replacement and upgrade of oil treating and water injection facilities that include the installation of a free water knock-out vessel, sales emulsion treater, inlet header/test separator package, water injection pumps, a fresh water filtration system, pump building, tankage, a VRU, solution gas compressor, and an office / control building with HMI/PLC/MCC. Eighteen (18) wells to tie-in to test separators. Satellite facilities each include group inlet header, test separator, drain tank, pop tank, RTU


Cadotte Water Disposal Facility

EPCM water disposal facility project including 2 x 1000 bbl tanks, one new water disposal pump package (to overcome stabilized wellhead pressure of 3650 kPag) and water disposal pipeline


Brintnell Polymer Flood Wellpads

The CNRL Brintnell Polymer Program has involved over fifty (50) individual projects in northern Alberta throughout the Brintnell regions. Each project included a single pad site consisting of one to 12 wells, where typically half of the wells were polymer injection wells. These sites also included (but not limited to) the following equipment Tank Farm, Compressor Station, Pump Station, Coriolis Meters and Turbine Meters.


Pelican Lake Polymer Flood Wellpads

EPCM projects for fifteen (15) water flood and polymer flood wellpads for Cenovus in the Pelican region, including the conversion of various well pads to water injection and the implementation of polymer injection for enhanced oil recovery.