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Oil Treating


Equinox provides significant experience and technical expertise in the design and construction of conventional oil batteries and satellites. Our experience spans grassroots facilities, upgrades and optimizations, debottlenecking and sustaining capital projects.



Recent Projects


Glidden Heavy Oil Battery

This successful EPCM project executed by Equinox included a new 1,400 m3/d (8,600 barrel/day) heavy oil battery, 87% water cut, 13° API oil with associated sweet solution gas. The scope also included the tie-in of 23 wellsites as well as complete gathering and distribution system.



Blue Rapids Oil Battery

This EPCM project, includes a new 2,600 bpd inlet emulsion Oil Battery with expansion design to 5,200 bpd, 95% oil cut, 41° API oil with associated fi eld produced sweet solution gas. The scope includes the engineering design, earthworks design and modelling, procurement and construction support for the Battery, and provisions for future water injection pump and 3rd party emulsion truck-in loading station.

Equinox also designed and constructed 18 wellpads (with 1 to 4 oil wells per pad) to feed this facility.


Moose Mountain Pad 1 – Oil Development

The Pad 1 at Moose Mountain is a gas production facility that handles production from both Pad 1 and 2. There are two standing oil wells at Pad 1 which were partially completed in 1994 but were never tied-in. This project addresses the additional facilities required at Pad 1 to bring the two oil-wells on production.

In addition, there were multiple logistical issues associated with the emulsion pipeline. Over the 25 km between Pads 1 & 2, the pipeline drops 2000 meters in altitude through the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Due to high pressures at the bottom of the pipeline a blowdown (de-pressurization) of the 4” emulsion pipeline back through the Pad #1 facilities was required to avoid condensate freezing at the Pad #2. Owing to the diverse and rugged terrain, SCADA systems for remote control of the shutdown and operation of the facility was a necessity.



Pelican Lake (Brintnell) New Battery FEED Study

The scope of the project includes a EPCM FEED Study project to estimate required facilities capital and develop recommendations to support a Field Development Plan. The Plan provides planning to take the Brintnell Heavy Oil Field from35,000 bbl/d to 90,000 bbl/d and to accommodate a future produced water volume of over 400,000 bbl/d. The FEED Study highlights required facilities & pipelines, utilities and current & expected operational issues.

As part of the FEED Study, each of the existing three Batteries were reviewed regarding current capacity, expansion capacity and expansion costs. In addition to the existing batteries, a new battery is to be scoped out based on the expected incremental volumes in the production forecast. The overall gathering system within the Pelican Lake (Brintnell) area is to be included in the FEED.

A goal of the FEED study was to provide appropriate information to allow CNRL to run economics on the development of the field. Each battery is broken down into phases associated with years and incremental emulsion and water volumes.



Cecil Battery & Water Handling Facility

This is an EPCM project to design and construct a grassroots 4,000 bpd emulsion oil battery with 35 API° oil, 25 % water cut, associated solution gas (150 ppm H2S) in northern Alberta.

The facility includes two emulsion well tie-ins, source water pipelines, source water well facilities, produced water injection pipeline & battery.



Milagro Energy Oil Battery & Water Handling Facility

This is an EPCM project to design and construct a grassroots 6,500 m3/day (41,000 bpd) oil battery (95% water cut) and Water Handling Facility in southern Saskatchewan, Canada.

The oil was 10.6° API with associated sour gas of 4% H2S. The plant design includes free water knock out (FWKO), heat exchanger, oil treater, oil tankage, water tankage, pop tank, recycle pumps, 600 hp water injection pump. There are two existing oil batteries that act as oil effluent feeds to the new heavy oil battery.The facility was constructed for a five (5) well group and a test rail inlet header.

Equinox Engineering Ltd. provided complete Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management for this grass roots heavy oil and water handling facility. The project was executed on-time and on-budget.