COVID-19 Update: Business Continuity

March 13, 2020

As the current COVID-19 situation evolves, Equinox has been proactive in our planning, response and action. The health and well-being of our staff, clients, contractors and vendors remains the top priority and is at the forefront of our business continuity planning.

With state of the art technology for teleconferencing and video conferencing, combined with over 10 years of international project communication, coordination and execution, working remotely is a standard practice at Equinox – and experience we are leveraging with the recent COVID-19 outbreak to keep your projects moving forward.

Technology Solutions for Clients: For the last 10 years, Equinox has facilitated project meetings, HAZOPs, model reviews, etc. with state-of-the-art videoconference, screen share and tele-conference software. We are encouraging remote meetings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect our clients, staff and vendors. We have been communicating daily with our Australia and India operations for years. We work with our worldwide clients remotely – and we can do the same here in Calgary. We are also rolling out virtual reality reviews that can be done anywhere in the world.

Working Remotely: Along with teleconference and video conference technology, we ensured our people are equipped with VPN access and the necessary software to continue business without compromising the safety of our employees, contractors and clients. Our engineering teams have VPN access for remote work, and complete project work from home. Our AxiomWorx system allows remote login for deliverable assignment and execution.

Health and Safety Program: Equinox has a stringent Health & Safety Program, fully endorsed by management, for the protection of project personnel and physical assets. The program’s goals include:
1. Demonstrate leadership and create awareness and commitment to deliver our HSE principles.
2. Protect and promote the health and safety of our personnel and visitors.
3. Deliver an inherently safe, operable system using proven technology.
4. No exposure of personnel or the public to hazards.
5. Deliver effective plans and processes for the management of foreseeable emergencies.

Office Cleanliness: In addition to educating staff, we have worked with our building managers to increase the level and frequency of cleaning around our office in common spaces such as boardrooms, collaboration rooms, and eating spaces.

Equinox is committed to keeping projects moving forward without compromising the health and safety of our staff, contractors and clients. Contact us at any time regarding our business continuity practices.

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COVID-19 Update: Business Continuity

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