CO2 Pipeline Design Experience & Capability

The Equinox Pipeline Division has significant experience with dense phase CO2 pipeline projects. Equinox has a successful history of working with CO2 pipelines and will bring our Australian and North American learnings to the table with respect to pipeline safety, risk mitigation, material selection, operation recommendations, and piping configurations.

Dense Phase vs Gas Phase CO2

Distribution and transportation of dense phase or gas phase CO2 requires consideration of numerous factors for the pipeline system regarding throughput, pipeline diameter, pressure as well as water content monitoring, material selection, metallurgy, corrosion mitigation and process safety overview.

CO2 behavior and phase transition (dense phase to gas phase) especially in the injection / sequestration wellbore, requires transient modelling expertise. Equinox will manage process modelling for the analysis of the various dynamic operating cases that are anticipated throughout the lifecycle of the project.

CO2 Risk Mitigation

Equinox has very current and relevant safety knowledge and project experience working with dense phase CO2 pipeline design projects. The CO2 product to be transported through the pipeline has the potential to create a highly corrosive environment. As such, the key design consideration with a dense phase CO2 pipeline is in relation to the ability to prevent formation of free water in the pipeline.

This is achieved through ensuring a robust and reliable pressure control system is incorporated into the design that will maintain adequate backpressure on the pipeline system at all times during operations. This will ensure that the CO2 remains in dense phase at all times during operations and prevent any free water forming within the system.

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