Experts in Sour Gas Sweetening

September 17, 2018

Equinox Engineering provides world class expertise in sour gas processing, and design of sweetening facilities, mercaptan removal, acid gas removal and handling, as well as sulphur disposal.

We specialize in facility design and installation that deal with treatment of sour gas streams with varying levels of CO2 and H2S. Our expertise in amine gas sweetening is unrivaled.

Equinox has installed sour gas processing facilities ranging from 5 MMscfd to 500 MMscfd in Canada and worldwide, while meeting all federal and provincial/state regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our expert personnel will evaluate and select a sweetening technology that is the best fit for purpose, based upon the project specific criteria for:

• H2S, CO2 and Mercaptans specifications
• Capital Costs
• Operating Costs
• Project Schedule
• Operability and Reliability
• Regulatory and Compliance Requirements
• Project Risks

These technologies typically include (but are not limited to) the following:

Gas Sweetening:
• Amine / MDEA (including Formulated)
• Sulfinol
• Selexol (and other physical solvents)
• Liquid Scavenging
• H2S Adsorbents

Sulphur Disposal Units:
• Incineration (< 1 tonne /day of Sulphur – Alberta; < 2 tonne/d of Sulphur - BC)
• Acid Gas Injection (> 1 tonne/day of Sulphur – Alberta; > 2 tonne/d Sulphur - BC)
• Claus & Super Claus
• LT Tail Gas Unit
• Selectox
• SulFerox Redox

Mercaptan Removal (C3+NGL/C5+ Condensate)
• Mole Sieve
• Nexo Solutions
• UOP Merox
• Merichem
• HengYe

Let Equinox know your specific gas conditions and we will deliver an excellent project.

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